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the bad. the ski jump doesn't go as planned. the skier lost his grip and planned. finally the ugly. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier in the show we asked you about this outrage over a new toy. it's an airport security check point set. some say it sends a negative message about the state of our country and freedom of our children. >> we want to know what you thought about this toy. fine or over the line? chris says it's a toy. it's for kids, not adults. katie from tennessee says that is wrong on so many
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levels. i can't imagine a kid wanting to play with that toy to begin with. >> connie from ohio says i think we analyze way too much these days. the toy is fine, not going to harm them. thank you so much to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >>gretchen: good morning. it is january 22, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a fantastic day. they escaped from the terrorists. the colorado man survived the algerian hostage crisis. he hid for two and a half days. this morning you're going to want to hear his incredible story. >>steve: the president offering a way forward for america. it starts with a big left turn. >> we resolve a great nation must care for the vulnerable and protect its people from life's worst hazards and misfortunes. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the
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risks that make this country great. >>steve: will america buy that we the people is now we the government. we will report. you will decide. >>brian: one guy i know does buy it. it looks like he'll have his media in the corner with the president of the united states. this network executive heard an article telling the president to pulverize and destroy republicans. you can go for their throats. we see him sunday with bob schieffer. we can't make this up. we'll review it only for you on "fox & friends." >>steve: it is the coldest day of the winter so far here in new york city. that is why it was a good decision to go indoors today. >>gretchen: you know even though i grew up in minnesota, i hate the cold weather. so let's pretend it is 90 degrees and go for it.
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>>brian: yesterday 600,000 people happy yesterday was a little warmer. it was at a minimum 800,000 shy from four years prior. the balls that followed, the parade that ensued. it's always a great day in america. >>gretchen: for me, beyonce. i see that you and i slept together again last night. >>brian: do you mean purple? >>gretchen: sure. let's do headlines. three americans were unfortunately killed in that deadly hostage crisis in algeria. seven americans did survive. one man from colorado managed to hide from the terrorists for two and a half days. he texted his wife about what was happening. she had to wait for word all that time that he was
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okay. >> she didn't know what was wrong with me or where he was and hadn't heard anything except that he was either captured, murdered or hiding out someplace. so we just prayed. >> it's hard when you've got a loved one in a different country and all that stuff that's happening. it is hard. >>gretchen: some of the weapons used in the attack stolen from libyan stockpiles. terrifying moments for passenger on a southwest flight. the emergency light came on. the pilot slammed on the brakes as they were about to take off, blowing out three tires. >> it was a big jolt when we were in the air and starting to lift. we had to get back down. >>gretchen: 137 passengers and 5 crew members were on board. they were not hurt. right now mechanics are trying to figure out why
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that light came on. voters across israel heading to the polls. israelly prime minister benjamin netanyahu expected to win reelection. netanyahu is promising voters he will keep israel safe and build jewish settlements despite some international opposition. the video will make your heart stop. a woman faints falling head first on to the train tracks. this is in madrid, spain. an off-duty police officer jumps into action as the train comes roaring into the station. the crowd was able to get the conductor's attention and the train stopped just in time. the officer lifted the woman to safety. a doctor at the scene checked her out. she is expected to be okay. those are your headlines. it seems we have more and more frequent -- maybe it is because we have video cameras everywhere -- where we're capturing those incidents. >>brian: people have
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those cameras to keep an eye on terrorists especially in london, now here in the u.s. and over in madrid. >>steve: president obama and the first lady taking center stage last night at the inaugural ball. the late-night details with judge mcelway. >> the president attended two inaugural balls including the commander in chief's ball. that was quite a gathering including some of the famed tuskegee airmen. enlisted advisors from all branches of the military, the head of veterans affairs. most importantly it included gold-star families, families who lost loved ones in the fighting in iraq and afghanistan and many wounded warriors. before the ball the president took time out to chat via satellite. >> i can tell you that you've got a room full of
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patriots here. and although i've got to admit that they are a little spiffied up right now, their heart and soul, their dedication, their sense of duty is at one with every single one of the folks in kandahar right now. >> the couple scaled back attending the military ball and the public ball open to 40,000 people willing to shell out $60 for a ticket. higher prices for sections upstairs. that party spanned five different hallways at the convention center, the same square footage devoted to six separate balls during the president's first inauguration. an intimate little affair you might say, guys. >>steve: thank you very much. >>brian: he had two balls instead of ten balls. it was a lot smaller.
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the president didn't have to stay up all night. weren't they two floors down, finished up and could get started on his first day today. >>steve: how excited are they at the "new york times"? here's the headlines today. it recaps the president's speech to the nation yesterday. "obama offers liberal vision: we must act." you've got to wonder whether or not this is his last chance or is it legacy building. because really what his speech was about yesterday was, hey, i'm from the government. and if you're in the middle class, we're here to help you. >>gretchen: i think there's been so much talk about second-term presidents and how there has been concern about legacy and many people thought president obama would move more to the middle. i guess i never bought into that because he is what he is and you heard that
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yesterday. like it or not, that is what president obama is. people talk about political capital and would he make some of these decisions because of political capital? i think he talked about yesterday about what his agenda is. we'll hear more in detail in his state of the union speech. >>brian: here's a little bit. it's essentially don't worry about it, we've got your back. listen. >> our celebration of the nation and enterprise are insistence on hard work and personal responsibility, these are constants in our character. the preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action. we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. together we resolve that a great nation must care for the vulnerable and protect its people from life's worst hazards and
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misfortunes. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> can we do that? can we protect everybody? i think this country is about opportunity to be successful. can we actually protect every single person and provide a safety net to every human being? >>gretchen: i think part of the day is about uplifting the spirit of america. i think some of this is rhetoric. i think you'd have a republican president who would also say let's pick up everyone and give everyone opportunity because this is the home of the brave and america the beautiful. to a certain extent, i think some of this you have to look at from that point of view. >>steve: he was talking about the middle class. he made it very narrow a lot. he was talking about the people who have been really successful, they are going to have to pay more. it sounded more like a convention speech and less like a -- you know. it was more like a state of
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the union address. it was a little surprising given the fact that we had hoped that there would be some bipartisanship there. they were all in that room yesterday having lunch together. you would think maybe they'd get along. maybe not so much. in fact, charles krauthammer thinks this officially puts the nail in the coffin of something. watch this. >> i think what is most interesting is obama basically is declaring the end of reaganism in this speech. in 1981 in his inaugural address, within two minutes reagan declared government is not the solution. government is the problem. today's inaugural address was a rebuke to that entire idea. this speech today was an ode to big government. in his refrain "we the people," he said, number one i'm going to defend what liberalism achieved in the 20th century. social security, medicare and medicaid. i'm not going to let any of
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that be chipped away. second, he said the vision for the future is climate change and green energy. there's going to be his new expansion of liberalism in the new century. and then the third element was his expansion of civil rights where he talked about immigrants and gays and even shoehorned gun rights under the rubric of the security. he outlined the liberal agenda, the big-government agenda of the future. >>gretchen: i think there were two words that came out of it that summarized what charles was saying was that the president yesterday used these two words: collective action. if you parse those two words, it could bring you back to how he started in his career as a community organizer. >>steve: bob schieffer from cbs said there were no memorable lines in this speech. i think what is memorable is what his political director at cbs said in offering advice in a "slate" magazine column to the president. go for the throat of the g.o.p.
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listen. >> this article should scare anybody who has any doubts whatsoever about the media's impartiality. he is the news director, political director -- excuse me -- for cbs news. he writes a piece in which he calls for essentially an antidemocratic action. depoliticize the g.o.p. action. he believes obama at to delegitimize. it was one thing if he was saying this is what the president is attempting to do or what i think his strategy is. but this is his advice to the president. >>steve: there you've got the cbs political director. he's supposed to be unbiased. but he also is the chief political correspondent for that lefty blog, slate. he wrote a day or so ago -- quote -- "the president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about
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bipartisanship can only preserve his legacy if he wants destroys the g.o.p. he must go for the throat." he wants to destroy the republicans, wants one party. isn't that a dictatorship. >>brian: next as we move ahead, because we have a lot to discuss, coming up next, it's the wrestling move no one saw coming. look up. the shocking story behind that shocking video board landing on his back. >>gretchen: phil mickelson backing down after keying off on high taxes.
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>>brian: getting heat for suggesting he may make changes to his own life based on the increasing tax burden placed on successful americans especially in california. even forbes, a magazine featuring successful people, is jumping on the band wagon writing -- quote -- "mickelson should stop whining and give thanks for your good fortune." now he is apologizing. where does this say about where we are in america now. >> let's ask him. the left is saying you make good money. pay up and shut up. that article in forbes was an absolute outrage saying that mickelson should stop whining and give thanks, that he is lucky for making
3:19 am
decent money. lucky. that's outrageous. what about all the practice, all the hard work that goes into it? what about the unique talent? you don't reward that? no. you've got to take 63% of every extra dollar that man makes. that is outrageous. that's america today. >>steve: he has put out a statement after we reported yesterday that given his heavy tax burden he was thinking about making changes, maybe even moving out of the country. he says right now, i'm like many americans trying to understand the new tax laws. i've been learning a lot over the last few months and talking with people who are trying to help me make intelligent and informed decisions. i certainly don't have a definitive plan at this time but like everyone else i want to make decisions that are best for my future and my family. finances and taxes are a personal matter, and i should not have made my opinions on them public. i apologize to those who i have upset or insulted and assure you, i intend to not let that happen again.
3:20 am
>>steve: a man now has to apologize for upsetting people or offending people because he doesn't like the idea of paying 63 cents on every dollar extra that he makes. >>steve: there is no secret why so many professional athletes choose not to live in california he has to give away 60% of his money or he's whining and should feel lucky. he's away probably 250 days a year from his family. there is no guarantee of any single dollar. there is no guarantee in his life. >> what happened to states which have raised their tax rates like california, like illinois versus states like texas or florida or oklahoma or north carolina, all the other states which have abolished state income tax or are going to abolish this? >>brian: if you kept his taxes low, might he have bought the padres? might he have built another
3:21 am
house, might he have invested in condominiums which could have helped the economy more? >> he was considering taking a piece of the san diego padres but for tax reason decided not to. what do you think is a fair share? you make a million bucks a year. what is a fair share the government should take off you?is that fair? >>steve: is it fair that some people pay zero in federal taxes? >> okay. what kind of a government takes half of any man's income? what kind of a government does that? >>brian: tell us how you feel. tweet us. varney and company coming up at 9:20. i have a sense you're talking golf. >> amazing, isn't it? >>brian: this time you got the hair on your back standing up. >> i do. >>brian: 20 minutes after the hour. a new invention can track if mentally ill patients are taking their
3:22 am
medication. is this ethical? dr. samadi is here live. >>steve: dangling on the edge. wait till you see how these [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>>steve: great headlines. game over for atari. the u.s. toy maker that created pong, they're filing for bankruptcy. the company is looking for private capital so it can relaunch with a new focus on mobile gaming so you can play pong on your pon he. meanwhile, check this out. two brothers dangling on the edge of a dam for three hours. their fishing boat stalled on a tennessee river.
3:26 am
fire fighters used a boat secured to the shore and a rope as well to reel them in. they're fine on this tuesday morning. gretchen, over to you. >>gretchen: listen to these shocking stats in new york city alone, as many as 11,000 homeless people suffer from some form of mental illness. more than 3,000 of them considered potentially violent and they are simply roaming the streets but there is an invention in the works that could monitor mentally ill patients and warn doctors if they stop taking their meds. is this a good idea or an invasion of their policy? joining me now is dr. david samadi. complicated issue. this invention would actually send you as the physician some sort of alert on your phone if one of your patients is not taking their medication? >> yes. gretchen this was approved actually last year in july by f.d.a. it's called a smart pill. basically it has a sensor,
3:27 am
a pill that the patient takes, it has a sensor. there is a patch on the patient. actually what it does, it gets activated as you take your medications with saliva and takes all that information and sends it to either my smart phone or anywhere we want to program it. it's important because one of the biggest issues we have in medicine is the compliance. is the patient taking their medications? when itdoms diabetes, high blood pressure, which this pill can do and give us that information which is really effective, but when it comes to psychiatric patients, they could be harm to themselves, to the society and to others. so that makes it even more important using this kind of technology. i like the technology. it's not 100% perfect but we have come a long way to really get to know what our patients are doing. are they compliant? are they really taking? that in the long term, gretchen, can reduce millions of dollars off of our health care costs. >>gretchen: and potentially violent crimes if some of these people are mentally ill and not taking their medications.
3:28 am
but here's the problem, and we know this is the rub in the situation, number one, is it ethical? number two, there are so many laws now that protect the rights of the mentally ill, sometimes that super seeds the rights of the individual victim in many of these cases. the court says you can't force these people to take meds. >> unfortunately, that's part of the shortcoming of the system. they have rights, of course. when it comes to serious mental illness, you may have to get a court order to be able to do this. when you talk about psychiatric illnesses, you have bipolar, you have depression, manic. the problem with their medications can really throw them off. schizophrenia, sometimes you don't even recognize that these are people that may be shooting or abusing or violence, et cetera. so making sure that they take the right dose, they are compliant, they are in tune, monitor them, it's the way to go. if this technology is going to help the society, i like the technology. i think it's not only going to help with heart disease,
3:29 am
diabetes but those with a lot of mental -- you talk about statistics. over 3,000 of our homeless people are violent and they live around us, it's unacceptable. i think this will help us. >>gretchen: that's just one city we're talking about. always good to see you, doctor. the startling side effect of a drug so many of you take every day. what you need to know about that coming up next. did you know little tikes almost send their made-in-america business to china? the incredible story of why they decided to stay right here at homecoming up next. first, happy birthday to steve perry. his music sounds young, but his music sounds young, but he's 64. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less
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♪ for the land ♪ of the free ♪ and the home ♪ of the brave ♪ the brave >>gretchen: our shot of the morning.
3:34 am
beyonce stealing the show at the president's inaugural. she's winning national praise for her rendition. bret baier decided to play that in its entirety at the end of the show. i want to thank you for doing that brett because it gave my kids a chance to see that amazing performance and a feeling of patriotism in the country. >>brian: can almost hear your kids now. >>gretchen: they loved it. >>steve: kelly clarkson was on. she was fantastic as well. take a look. america's first couple is on the cover of ""the new york post"." jay-z and beyonce walking in. look at this guy right here. keep in mind, this is capitol hill. this is the hardest stick in the world to get. there's peter king, congressman snapping a picture with his cell phone. pols fawn over beyonce, jay-z at inaugural. >>gretchen: maybe somebody's taking a picture
3:35 am
of jerry with them in the background. >>brian: congressman king knew he should turn around because there's beyonce but later said i didn't know who she was with. that's interesting. people who know her call her beyonce. kelly clarkson i thought was also pretty strong. >>gretchen: and jennifer hudson later at night. >>brian: plus they had a poet. it was a long poem. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. an extreme weather alert. an iconic sports stadium right now in ruins. a roof panel at the silver dome in michigan left at that shredded because of wind and snow. the roof was deflated because of a renovation project. a wild day in that region. maria molina live in the weather center. >>maria: bitterly cold across places in the
3:36 am
midwest, great lakes and the northeast. we're starting to feel impacts of this cold air digging out from canada across the i-95 corridor in places like new york city and boston. it's currently 1 degree in chicago, 8 degrees in cleveland. in minneapolis 9 degrees below zero for your current temperature. that is your actual temperature on the thermometer. not your wind chill. factor in the wind and it feels closer. minnesota feels like 26 below degrees. 29 below in fargo and almost 40 below in international falls. dangerously cold conditions if you're not properly bundled up. feels like 6 degrees in philadelphia and 12 below zero in buffalo. because it's so-called and we're talking about frostbite being a concern and hyperthermia, we have wind chill warnings in effect in states like minnesota, parts of wisconsin and wind chill
3:37 am
advisories in portions of new york. in effect for several days because we're expecting the cold to continue here in new york city through at least thursday. otherwise that cold air going over the lakes produces lake-effect snow. we're looking at that across upstate new york and western michigan right now. >>steve: maria, this is not the day to try to re-create that famous christmas scene where the little boy sticks his tongue on the phrag pole. >>maria: do not do that. no snow angels. stay home. >>brian: super bowl next week in new york. get ready. there is no dome to collapse. here's the news that should be interesting to you. >>gretchen: he founded the weather underground, the organization that bombed the new york city police department, the capital building and pentagon in the 1970's but that is not stopping a teachers grew from hand-picking bill ayers.
3:38 am
he will address teacher educators next month in atlanta. ayers was involved in a townhouse bombing in new york city that left three people dead. >>steve: singer james taylor says he knows what gun owners want. >> i think the majority of us feel strongly, even the majority of gun owners feel strongly that we need to make some sacrifice to our freedoms if that's the way to put it. >>brian: is he wearing scalia's hat? >>steve: taylor made the comment after performing at the inauguration. advocates very concerned about the president's proposal on gun control if you take aspirin, it can triple your chances of going blind. those who take it on a regular basis can cause age related macular degeneration.
3:39 am
>>gretchen: they tell you to take it for your heart and blood thinning. >>steve: the low dose. >>gretchen: watch this. a huge lighting fixture falls from above landing on the child during a meet in wisconsin. he had just gotten into position to start up the match again when it happened. luckily he only needed a few stitches. no word on what caused the light to fall. talk about the chances. that fell right on top of him. >>brian: wrestlers are tough. he walks it every year america imports over $20 billion in toys. but when it comes to exporting them, we only ship out a fraction of $1 billion worth. >>gretchen: a visit to one of those companies still creating toys and jobs. heather is over there with beautiful kid who are very vocal at this hour. >> they are. sorry about the noise over
3:40 am
here. some of these are my kids and some are friends of ours. a lot of these things will look really familiar to you. little tikes is the company, and they made these toys for more than 40 years in america's heartland. hudson, ohio, this company has chosen to stay in the united states when other companies, especially competitors, have gone overseas. we went to ohio to find out why. >> chances are if you have a toddler, your kitchen looks a little like this. this bright little car is called the cozy coupe. in the last 33 years little tikes sold more than 14 million worldwide. 80% of its products, including the turtle sandbox and the swing, are made in america. nearly 1,000 people work at the hudson, ohio, plant. tom richmond, general manager, shows how these are transformed into toys. >> we're going to pour the plastic into that mold, heat it to 700 degrees.
3:41 am
it melts that plastic or powder. >> when it comes down, you trim it? >> put it into a box. the box is automatically weighed. >> what does it mean that you're making a product that's made in america? >> i love it. there's not a lot out there that is made in america. i'm very proud. you see it in yard sales. they last forever. being in the u.s.a., people like to buy u.s.a. stuff. >> two years ago the company made america's best-selling swing in another country. >> we transferred it to china in the 1990's. about four or five years ago we looked at the total cost of doing business and said you know what? america has the highest productivey, we have the lowest raw material cost in the world and we have the lowest energy cost in the world. let's look at how we can make this product back here in america. >> and today the swing once
3:42 am
again is made in the u.s.a. a few years ago when the economy tanked, little tikes considered moving manufacturing elsewhere, but ultimately they decided to stay, receiving close to $4 million in tax incentives from the government. >> we certainly appreciate the support of the state and the federal government. but honestly, it's not enough to make a difference. it's about the people. it's about the productivity, about the longevity. >> at this plant they make a huge as sortment of toys from seesaws to barbecue grills. >> everything little tikes does emulates what parents do in the real world. >> that's why moms are a big part of the research. today they are giving suggestions for the redesign of the cozy coupe. >> easy for them to use by themselves. they can get in it and walk along. >> i think toddlers are drawn to the kind of cartoony look that it has. but the colors are definitely the iconic
3:43 am
thing. >> little tikes was kind enough to send us some of their items from their new spring line, and the kids are obviously having fun along with steve right there. the new little cozy coupe, another cozy coupe, the turtle sandbox which a lot of us remember from our childhood. and this slide right here. >>steve: we still have these in our basement. they last forever. >> these things last forever probably after hurricanes and the end of the world too. that is it. they based. thank you. >>brian: those kids are like models. they aren't from the sears catalog? >> we're going to send them to your house, brian. >>brian: you should. >>gretchen: here's what we have coming up. president obama compared his policies to president
3:44 am
lincoln's during yesterday's inauguration speech. but when it comes to the constitution, do these two presidents have anything in common? judge napolitano will look next. he'll be on one of those little tikes little scooters. >>brian: you've never seen a police chase quite like this. cops trying to stop a red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently.
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now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief. ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. >>gretchen: it's 46 minutes past the top of the hour. a couple of quick headlines. she was no match for police because she was going only five miles per hour on a scooter from a grocery store. she stole it and drove it about two miles before being busted. she told the cops that her feet hurt and she didn't
3:48 am
feel like walking. a likely excuse. ten hours earlier she was released from jail for another theft. it was one of the hash hash -- harshest reviews of a restaurant ever but the owner announced he's opening a new restaurant. his new place will be out in california. >>steve: president obama yesterday vowed to move forward during his second term in office that officially started yesterday. borrowing words from abraham lincoln during yesterday's speech, he said this. >> blood drawn by lash and blood drawn by sword, we learned no union founded on the principles of liberty and equality could survive half slave and half free. we made ourselves anew and vowed to move forward together. >>steve: but president obama and president lincoln had very different views of that pesky thing called the
3:49 am
constitution. here to explain, judge andrew napolitano. we heard the beginning of the constitution five times yesterday. "we the people." >> if you like the president, if you believe in his vision of a federal government that can right any wrong and regulate any behavior and make everybody equal, then you celebrated the speech yesterday. but if you like i think you and i and probably most people watching us, believe that the constitution not only constitutes, not only creates the government, it restrains the government, then you didn't like what you heard yesterday. yesterday was a very broad, expansive view of government. we can do this. we can do that. we can make schools safe. we can make the environment clean. we can get rid of the bad guys. we can make poor people rich. but nothing in there about freedom, about areas of human behavior immune from government interference. that's the whole theory behind the constitution. that's why it's lasted for 230 years.
3:50 am
not every president likes it. and for many of them it's an obstacle and they find ways to get around it. seems to be getting worse each time. this president is the champion at trying to get around the constitution, including writing executive orders to do things that the congress has declined to do. >>steve: and congress has already challenged him on that as soon as they can. we got an e-mail from james. he heard what we were promoting segment-wise for you. he said, judge, the constitution was written over 200 years ago. >> it has been amended 28 times. a grand national consensus to either change something huge, like get rid of slavery, or tweak it, like how many terms can the president serve. but it is the supreme law of the land. it is the basis for the government. and everybody in government from a public school custodian to the president swears an oath to uphold,
3:51 am
protect and defend it. do they do that or do they find ways around it? it depends on which side of the aisle you're on. i suggest to you that this president will try to find ways around it. >>steve: let's see today's official first full day of his second term. >> what surprises are in store? >>steve: could be a bunch. maybe not. been a pleasure, judge. straight ahead on this tuesday morning. want to know the secret to a good night's sleep? we have it, and you can find it in your refrigerator. the lingerie football league revealing a big change. you'll want to stick around for this. this is one of brian kilmeade's pet projects, and he's got the latest. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>>brian: you know which sports league is the fastest growing? not soccer, not the m.l.s. it is lingerie football. but because of its growing popularity they are changing course, so to speak. kind of doing a makeover. the founder and chairman of the lingerie football league is with ashley and angela of the baltimore charm. welcome to you guys. you guys are not the lingerie football league anymore. you are the? >> we are legends football league now. >>brian: after four years, what's changing? >> honestly, everything except for the uniform for the most part. the product stays the same on the field. we try to empower the women. we removed all the lingerie aspects from the uniform and focused on the sport. that's what's going to make it grow ultimately. >>brian: angela, you see how the league's changing course. your dad was a quarterback on the redskins.
3:56 am
how does your dad feel about this? >> getting to see where the league going. he's excited that i'm going to be part of this growth. there's a ton of things that are going to be happening in the future. we love it. we're excited. we can't wait to see where it's going and where it's come from. >>brian: ashley, the thing is changing. the logos are not as sexy. you're focusing more on football. but the uniforms roughly stay the same. are you okay with that? >> definitely. >>brian: where do you put the pads? >> we have a little padding here. we wear elbow pads, little knee pads. as you can see, we get our turf burns. >>brian: you want the people in the stands to be there more for the football and less for the hoping to get your phone number? >> absolutely. >> exactly. >> that is why it sustained, because it is a sport. sex appeal, you get far more sex appeal elsewhere. >>brian: where? >> anywhere. women's beach volleyball.
3:57 am
there is a million places you see far more scantily clad women. the reason this has sustained and grown not only in the u.s., but we've launched in canada now, going into australia and europe in 2015, because it is a great sport on the field and we want to shift more of the focus to the sport. >>brian: we were there for year one. wield geraldo tack -- we had geraldo tackling you guys. >> fox has been incredible to us. this thing is going to grow and we appreciate it. >>brian: great to see you. say hello to your dad. good luck with your brand-new entrepreneurial venture which is getting a bit of a makeover. up straight ahead in the next two hours, the secret to better sleep found in your fridge and guaranteed to have you sleeping soundly by tonight but not now. then he accused the president of cooking job numbers last year.
3:58 am
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4:01 am
>> gretchen: get out the smelling salts for brian. after being with the lingerie ladies. >> brian: the hard hitting interview about a league changing before our eyes. >> gretchen: it's january 22. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope off great day. to hell and back. that's how the wife of a colorado man who survived the algerian hostage crisis describes his terrifying ordeal. guess what he did? he hid from the terrorists for 2 1/2 days and he texted her. >> brian: he couldn't even make out of the who was the terrorist and who was the good guy. the president starts his second term by promising to help the middle class. >> we believe that america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising
4:02 am
middle class. >> brian: one problem. the numbers show the president's policies are hurting the average american family. we'll examine. >> steve: these guys go a new meaning to the term classic rock. ♪ those guys are known as the two cellos and are here to perform live. why? because there is always room for cello. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> gretchen: they're awesome. shear what they did. they were two classical cellists growing up in croatia. they were rivals when they were kids. they decided to get together and create a new business of playing rock on the cello. they've been on the show before. they are hugely popular now.
4:03 am
i'm going to send my sister their cd because she grew up playing the cello. >> brian: you're such an accomplished musician. steve, you can't do anything. so i have to direct this to gretchen. i don't know why people who teach band in fourth, fifth and sixth grade don't factor in modern music because even though i respect classical music, i don't like listening to it. then you give these kids music they don't understand and the first thing they say is why really want to do this. if you could factor in a top song -- do you agree with me? >> gretchen: great point. having been raised as a classical musician, i think that's a very wonderful point and my kid's piano teacher does that, too. if they want to play classical, great. if they want to play -- what's my son playing now? 21 guns. greenday song. >> brian: that's great. i want to add this, in fourth grade, my music teacher kind of knew this, he was kind of a guy that was trying to make it in the rock world, he put in then top song in the country was "top of the world."
4:04 am
he allowed us to play that. but the problem is, it was load bit flutes and i played the clarinet so i was totally blocked from most of the concert. ratings were down and they couldn't sell a high? >> brian: no, sixth grade. >> gretchen: too bad it's not ontube. >> steve: you've love these guys. they're fantastic here this hour. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines. we know, unfortunately, three machines were killed in that deadly hostage crisis in algeria. gordon rowen victor lovelady and fred buttaccio. one man did survive. frees colorado. managed to hide from the terrorist for 2 1/2 days. at times, they were feet away from him. he texted his wife about what was happening. she had to wait for word that he was okay. imagine that. >> she didn't know what was wrong with him or where he was and hadn't heard anything except that he was either captured, murdered or he was hiding out
4:05 am
someplace. so we just prayed. >> i mean, it's hard when you got a loved one over in a different country and all that stuff happening. it's hard. >> gretchen: some of the weapons used in the attack, stolen from the libyan stock piles. yep, lot of people concerned about that and it's happening. terrifying moments for peenges southwest flight at denver airport. a fire warning light, imagine if you're on the plane. it comes on as the plane is barreling down the runway. the pilot ends up slapping on the brakes, blowing out three tires. >> it was a little scary. 'cause we were just about to take off and then it slams. it was a big jolt when we were in the air and starting to lift. >> gretchen: look at that. typical of the wife, and the guy is like, yeah, whatever. 137 passengers, five crew members were on board. they were not hurt. rye now mechanics are trying to figure out why the light came on. voters across israel heading to the polls.
4:06 am
israeli prime minister netanyahu expected to win reelection there. he cast his ballot earlier this morning. netanyahu promising voters that he will keep israel safe and build jewish settle ams despite international opposition to that. update to a story we told you about yesterday. remember this picture? a woman just missed being crushed by a bolder in her house? it crashed through her home in utah while she was still sleeping. this morning we're hearing from her husband. >> jaw wired shut. i'm probably not going to get the full story for a couple of weeks. rolled down into our bedroom onto my wife's side of the bed. crushed the bed. >> gretchen: did he say her jaw was wired shut? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: i'm soaping from that accident. she managed to quality police after it happened. she's been released now from the hospital. wow. those are your headlines today. >> brian: president obama and the first lady dancing at the two balls last night.
4:07 am
doug mckelway is live in washington with all the late night details. it went over without a hitch. it wasn't a marathon night for the president and the first lady, correct? >> yeah. that's right. the parties associated with the second inaugurations are typically scaled down. last night was no exception. the first couple attended only two ball last night. but one of them was really touching convenient. that being the commander in chief's ball. what an esteemed crowd, included some of the famed tuskegee airmen, branches of all the military. perhaps most significantly action, gold star families. those who lost loved ones in fighting in iraq and afghanistan and also a lot of wounded warriors were there. in their presence, the president took time out to chat via satellite with warriors still on the front lines in afghanistan. >> all of you who are there, we know it's tough being away from your families. we know the incredible sacrifice s and challenges that
4:08 am
you meet every single day. >> the president added that though all of the ball attendees were spiffed up in their best formal wear, their hearts were with those in harm's way. then to one more ball, the official public inaugural ball at washington's convention center. the los angeles time described it as, quote a bit like a senior prom on steroids. this was truly the people's ball. open to 40,000 people willing to pay 60 bucks for a ticket. higher price for separate sections upstairs. all that, huge soiree, spanned five different hallways, the same area devoted to six separate balls during the president's first inauguration. indeed, a bit of a scaled back night of fun. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. today the tuxedos go back. by noon, if you want to escape the big charges. meanwhile, it's about four, five years ago the president of the us u then senator, promised if elected, by the end of my first
4:09 am
term, i'm going to cut that first deficit in half. we didn't hear anything about that yesterday. in fact, it sounded more like spend, spend, spend, and in fact, if you're just waking up, you were sleeping through the speech yesterday, the main speech point was whatever you need, middle class, we're going to give it to you. >> brian: education, roads, communication, networks, science, labs, a lot of investment in infrastructure, which means investment infrastructure means do you need revenue? to get revenue, you raise taxes. >> gretchen: you lint like what he was talking about, maybe you liked that it was short. under 20 minutes. we heard that one president in history gave a two-hour speech. >> brian: and he died. >> steve: he did. >> gretchen: he did soon after of pneumonia. let's talk about that whole idea of the middle class, though, because these are the facts, folks. the median household income in 2007 was $54,489. of course, that was before the
4:10 am
banks collapsed and before the recession. in 2011, that has gone down to $50,054. that's a huge chunk of change when you're talking about families raising kids, trying to send them to college and trying to feed them. >> steve: because when you look at the middle class, and every class, we really want for everybody in this country is to have a job. we really didn't hear a whole lot about that. we didn't hear much about cutting anything. we didn't hear about jobs. take a look. we got some stats. unemployment at the beginning of a second term. and as you can see, president obama starts the second term with unemployment at 7.8%. george w., 5.3. clinton, 5.3. reagan was high at 7.3. and richard nixon was at 4.9. >> brian: putting it in perspective, knowing the challenges were different for each president, john meacham, an historian, wrote the book on jefferson, weighed in with bill o'reilly. >> the most important line and
4:11 am
not in the speech, it's the fall in media household income over the last 12 years. without rectifying that, this will be an unmemorable presidency and potentially a significantly -- >> how is he going to do that in three years? how is he gog remedy that, turn that around so that the regular folks start to make more money? it seems to me almost inconceivable. almost impossible with his policies. >> with his policies. but i think we're all to blame here. i really do. i think that a lot of people don't want to heart hard truth. people don't want to pay more tax. they don't want to see these cuts. they don't want to embrace the simpson bowles kind of proposals. these are hard choices. but guess what? you and i didn't run for president. he sought the job. it is now his solemn responsibility and i think he is
4:12 am
a good man and i think you agree with that. it's his responsibility to lead us. my sense is the problem at the moment is that he's allowing the dysfunction in the capitol, which is there, and the public's reluctance to make shard choices. he's allowing that to lead him. he's not leading us. >> gretchen: that is so astute, actually. 'cause john meacham, for the most part, usually would not be critical of president obama. it was a very astute thing. >> brian: that's true. he was here, i found him very level headed talking about his book. tom brokaw said something similar who told he was a democrat. many people saw that in his broadcast. but he said the same thing. don't you see the problem is the deficit and the debt and why aren't you focused on that? the president is uniquely qualified to focus on it. his approval could drop to 30% and it wouldn't matter if do you the responsible thing.
4:13 am
you could even use rinse as the battering ram did -- use republicans as the battering ram. you could say let's give them something to do. if you don't want to raise tax, the president found a way to raise taxes. raise it on rich people. now he can make the hard choice and say listen, even though he said something totally opposite in his inaugural address, he could say something different at the state of the union. we can't sustain them. as much as i love medicare and social security. what do you think about this? we could handle that. >> steve: jack welch yesterday, he tweeted yesterday, inaugurals always magnificent. appears president obama comfortable with high unemployment and huge deficits. no serious mention. clearly this president is lurching to the left. it's naked. his ambition is there. there is some on the right who think this could be good fort republicans because if you look back to 2009 when the president had the white house, the
4:14 am
democrats had the house, and the senate as well and there was a great big push at the stimulus, that got rammed through and so did health care. what happened two years later? the democrats got shellacked in the house. which if you read peggy noonan, it looks like this president might be on the verge of doing just that. >> gretchen: there is so much ability to try and get something done. we'll see. i don't think he's going to do it in the state of the union, but we'll see. he's the political director over at cbs. so why is he telling president obama to, quote, go for the throat of the gop? so many people would say that he should be unbiased. we'll explore that. >> steve: then they picked the wrong guys to mess with. why it's not a good idea to throw snowballs at uniformed firefighters. they got a hose.
4:15 am
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4:18 am
>> steve: welcome back. he is the political director at cbs news. why is john dickerson urging president obama to go for the throat of the republican party? here is his quote in slate. obama's only remaining option is to pulverize through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force republicans to either side with their coalition's most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it at least temporarily in disarray. joining us now with reaction, town hall news editor, katy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: he also says, he wants the president to destroy the republican party and he says, they must, the president and the white house, must go through the throat. are you surprised that this member of the main stream media who is supposed to be unbiased sounds like a democratic
4:19 am
strategist? >> i'm not surprised. this is the cbs political director, who is also the chief political correspondent at slate, which is a far left leaning publication. john dickerson was credited with being the guy who knocked george w. bush off his heels the most times during his presidency. it's not surprising to me, though, that there is a conflict of interest here. do we remember during the election when there were reporters caught off mic before mitt romney made his statement? cbs news reporter, jan crawford, was one of those reporters. so clearly there is a problem at cbs of there being biased in their reporting. but as we've seen throughout the years, it's not surprising. >> steve: so this is clearly, in your estimation, an example, glaring example of liberal media bias? >> i think it is. and at least with mr. dickerson, he is honest about, in his biothat he's work for slate and the cbs political director.
4:20 am
but -- >> steve: how do you do both? >> that's the question. i mean, if cbs is going to portray themselves as a middle of the road, unbiased news source, then it seems a little strange that you would have someone who is writing regularly for a far left publication, as the political director. i think that we saw that with the election reporting. we've seen that in the past four years with the obama administration with cbs. we've seen the results of that conflict of interest play out when questions are asked. >> steve: where he writes in slate, the lefty blog u got to destroy the republican party. i guess he just wants one party which would essentially make it a dictatorship. in the article he's blaming all the woes in washington on those darn republicans. i guess he's forgotten about the do nothing democrats in the u.s. senate, who haven't passed a budget in three years. i guess he forgot about the fact that the republicans actually are now talking about voting tomorrow on extending the debt limit so there is not a fight.
4:21 am
and about how about a month ago, they raised taxes on the rich. he's forgetting all about that. he's just trying to help barak obama with a successful four years. >> right. he makes this argument in piece that republicans have been the ones standing in the way of president obama's first term agenda. if i recall correctly, president obama has spent a lot of money, there hasn't been a lotting spending cuts at all, in fact. president obama got his obamacare through, that's something the house didn't want. the fact is that yes, president obama was reelected, but there were lots of house republicans who were also relie detectorred. the way that the system is set up, president obama needs republicans to get through his second term agenda. and on that point, mr. dickerson says the only way president obama can leave a legacy in his second term is destroy the gop. i don't think that's a good way forward. >> steve: all right. you're probably right on this day after the day of unity. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that? e-mail us.
4:22 am
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>> steve: it's time for news by the numbers. first, 20. that's a percentage of high school students who don't graduate on time. 20%, according to the department of education. next, 40 bucks. that's how much passengers can now pay to board first on southwest airlines. currently seating is not a first come, first serve basis. now 40 bucks, you're in. finally, $1.1 million, that's how much the very first 2014 corvette sold for at an auction in arizona.
4:26 am
them some hot wheels. gretch, over to you, sleep on this. >> gretchen: thanks very much. do you have trouble get to go sleep at night? what about staying asleep? we'll have great products to help you catch some z's. joining me is psychotherapist dr. mike dow. maybe you have to come to my house to help you out in the middle of the night. let's start with the tart cherry juice. why does that help people stay asleep? >> this might be a great product for you. so tart cherry juice has natural levels of melatonin. in one study, not only did it help people with insomnia, but for people like you, it also helped them to stay asleep longer. so you want to take this an hour before bedtime, 8 ounces of the juice, or if you get the concentrate, one ounce of that. one hour before bedtime. >> gretchen: if you don't have the juice, pop a pill. what is it? >> you know that great feeling you get when you drink green tea? that is because green tea has this. this promotes this restful, calm state in the brain. it promotes gabba.
4:27 am
so. >> gretchen: gabba? >> this neuro transmitter that makes you feel nice and calm. so if you're drinking green tea, you're going to get caffeine. that's going to make you wired. so at night, if you're having trouble sleeping, you can get this in this supplement form. take an hour before bedtime. 150-milligrams. it will make you feel nice and relaxed and hopefully promote some restful sleep. >> gretchen: okay. what about passion flower? i like the name of this, passion? >> passion flower, it was actually named in the 1500s because spanish explorers thought that the flowers in peru were an indication that christ was approving of their mission. so it's been used for hundreds of years. it's fantastic because it also promotes gabba in the brain. put 40 drops, about one dropper full of this. i like it because you can put it into anything at night. you can put it into tea, into milk, into something like a pudding. you can even put it into a bath
4:28 am
because it is shown to relax the muscles. >> gretchen: okay. some people get accustomed to certain noises that they like. so let's take a listen to one of those. (sound). >> gretchen: that would make me want to get up and go to the bathroom. but other than that, some people like white noise. then they go somewhere where they don't have it and they're like frantic. so what do you do? >> this app, maybe we can find another one for you so it doesn't make you go to the bathroom. the white noise drowns out any other noise. for you people living in manhattan, and there is trucks or sirens, it's going to dull out all those other sounds and if you have that app and you can take it with you. it's a free app when you're traveling, when you're at home. it's really a fantastic piece of technology. >> gretchen: now something called blue light. we're going to -- it's dark here in the studio. here we go. this blue light machine. what's this going to do for me?
4:29 am
>> i love this. >> gretchen: what does it do? >> it's very light and hand held. blue light. wave length of blue light tells your brain to stop producing melatonin. so what you want to do, especially for people like you who get up very early in the morning, i'm sure, you want to expose yourself to this blue light within an hour of waking up. do you it for 30 to 45 minutes. what that does, again, it's going to get your rhythms on track. so for people like you who have to wake up very early or if if you're the kind of person whose rhythms are going back and forth because you're traveling, it helps you so when you go to bed, struck that nice restful sleep naturally. >> gretchen: wow. psychotherapist, stuff i hadn't heard before. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: it's your last chance to e-mail us. should phil mickleson back down after teeing off on high taxes? we'll read your comments coming up. then, president bill clinton finds a way to steal the show
4:30 am
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4:34 am
>> gretchen: kelly clarkson. time for your shot of the morning. the inauguration offering unintentionally hilarious photo ops. malia obama, photo bombing her parents as her sister tries to snap a picture of them smooching. here is our favorite. former president bill clinton popping his head out in the middle of kelly clarkson's performance. still the man of the hour, right? >> brian: kelly clarkson now engaged. >> gretchen: that's fantastic news for her. a lot of females took center stage, at least in the singing category. that was nice to see. >> steve: it was very nice. you saw how bill clinton was just making the thing with the eyes with kelly clarkson there. we're going to show awe little snippet of some video. we got some video. here is the still frame. it was at the lunch yesterday. this is the eye roll heard around the world. we don't know exactly what john boehner said to the president, but michelle obama appears to be
4:35 am
rolling her eyes at that. >> brian: he's shaking it off like i cannot believe he's doing it again. >> gretchen: looks like bainer and obama are laughing about t. hey, you're going to listen to me about the debt ceiling discussion this time? let us know what you think they were actually talking about that would make them laugh and michelle obama give the eye roll. let us know. you can twitter us or e-mail us. >> brian: we'll find out what happened because as you mentioned, the president seemed to be okay with it. >> steve: maybe he didn't see it. they were just talking about something -- we don't know. >> brian: we'll get the speaker on. >> steve: that would be nice. let's make some phone calls. in the meantime, 25 minutes before the top of the hour on this tuesday. it may be the worst arctic storm the midwest has seen in years, they're saying. it triggered a pileup in cincinnati, ohio, involving 86 cars. for more on this bitter cold weather, check in with maria
4:36 am
molina. we got the jet stream. it's chilly. then we had the snow and the wind. it was blizzardy. >> yeah, that's right. actually it's so cold in parts of minnesota that some schools have either been delayed or closed. so you know it's really bad. we're talking about school closures across places of minnesota that were so used to these cold temperatures. look at some of the current cold temperatures. 26 degrees below zero in international falls is the actual temperature. not the wind chill value. 8 below in green bay. you factor in the wind and it feels even colder. 25 below zero is the current wind chill now in minneapolis. 14 below in the city of fargo. the northeast also feeling that colder air moving on in today. it's actual lea here to stay for at least two more days. through thursday, you're going to be seeing high temperatures in new york city that won't make it out of the 20s. right now your current wind chill in the city, 9 degrees. below zero widespread temperatures in detroit and
4:37 am
because of the cold air, we have wind chill warnings in effect because you talk about frostbite being a concern and high though thermia -- hypothermia. lake effect snow. we could see a foot of it in some areas in upstate new york. >> gretchen: all right. thank you. >> steve: coldest day of the year so far. that's why it made perfect sense that brian brought in the girls from the lingerie football league. >> brian: who didn't seem cold. >> gretchen: that's why the segment was inside. now to the other stories making headlines right now. american pastor remains behind bars in iran and his wife says a new report claiming her husband was freed is just not true. his trial began yesterday actually. >> my mind has wander -- wondered what the sentencing will look like, what they're going to -- just through his different interrogations, we've heard so many different things that have come his way, from five years to 20 years to death penalty. >> gretchen: that pastor has been locked up since september and you want to know why? 'cause in iran, it's not okay to
4:38 am
talk about your christian beliefs. >> brian: really? they seem to open. prince harry admitting he helped kill taliban terrorists during his deployment in afghanistan. >> if the people try and do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll play another game, i suppose. >> brian: captain whales just returned home after copilotting a helicopter. the 28-year-old admitted this time that the army was a welcome reprieve from dealing with the media after scandalous pictures surfaced about his party not guilty las vegas. >> steve: a teacher posted a picture on facebook of her 7th and eighth grade students with duct tape across their mouths. it read, finally found a way to keep them quiet. teacher said it was a joke. she could lose her job. >> made a bad mistake of
4:39 am
thinking it was funny. the other kids in the class thought it was funny also. and they proceeded to pass the tape and the scissors around the class and the students, you know, the majority of the class ended up putting a piece duct tape across their mouths. >> steve: well, the school board is going to vote on her termination next week. >> gretchen: let this be a lesson to all you pranksters. a group of british teens throwing snowballs at firemen, never saw this coming. the firefighters had a secret weapon. a water cannon. they turned up the hose and blasted the bridge above. that's one way to get pranksters back. i like it. >> steve: that will teach them. yesterday we told but how over the weekend, phil mickleson was talking about how these new taxes and stuff like that, i haven't figured out what i'm going to do. i'm thinking about taking drastic changes and maybe even leaving the country. look, he pays right now 62, 63%
4:40 am
of every dollar in taxes. he felt like something had to go and he might go out of the country. now he's kind of backtracking after the left lashed out at him. >> gretchen: also he intimated he might leave california, which also has high tax. "forbes" magazine came out with this headline. do you think it's over the top? here is what it said. stop whining and give thanks for your good fortune. the problem is that -- >> steve: that's "forbes" magazine. >> gretchen: forbes is all about self creating and working really hard. if you ever watch a golf tournament, he's one of the top players in the world, he's bought tremendous amount of hours of sacrifice into his game. one of the rewards of that is that you make money. that's just the way it works. >> brian: he came out, he didn't apologize for his statement. he apologized for saying it out loud. right now like many americans, tax lurks i don't have a definitive plan, but like everybody else, i want to make decisions best for my future and family. finances and taxes are a
4:41 am
personal matter. i should not have made my opinions on them public. i apologize for those i have upset. he shouldn't be apologizing. what do you think? jay in pennsylvania says personally, i don't like the rich, but that doesn't mean i think we should impose excessive taxes on them. oh, really? we shouldn't if we all want to have work. >> steve: e-mail from bob in maryland. brian, you don't understand, mickleson owes that money to the government. after all, didn't it, the government, allow him to practice to develop those skills? >> brian: right. >> steve: maybe what he was doing was he was trying to do a gerard depardieu thing where he would got an offer, like prosecute russia, to get status as a citizen there to avoid high taxes like they have p france. >> gretchen: is there a lot of golf in russia? >> steve: he could be a pioneer. >> brian: looking straight ahead, looking for a job with a six figure salary? cheryl casone has them. she's here with the top five companies hiring right now. then these guys give new meaning to the term, classic rock.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you on this tuesday morning. sunday was not a good day for known patriots safety darrick martin. not only did his team lose the afc championship, his house got robbed during the game. cops say the crooks held an adult and two children at gun point and stole his two super bowl rings, among other things. that's too bad. and college football's most famous girlfriend will be spending a lot of time in her tankini. katherine webb on the set of the new reality series "celebrity diving." that's a bikini. she got the gig after being spotted during the bcs
4:46 am
championship game after brett husband burger said she was pretty. brian, over to you. >> brian: is going to the gym one of your new year's resolutions? you're not the only one. over 12% of new gym members join in january, which is why gyms are hiring like crazy. cheryl casone is here and we begin on gold's gym. right? >> january 'tis the season to lose the weight that you gained in the month of december. >> brian: what is gold's hiring? >> they're looking for mainly personal trainers. they like hiring veterans. they have good deals to veterans if you want to be a vet and join the gym, different stories. but hundreds of jobs are available. this is a busy time for them. they're in 28 countries, 37 states. personal trainers, they will train you to be a trainer. and if you are good enough, and get enough big clients in, 100 grand tops. maybe even higher. actually i should say if you get that clientele in the door. you could make a lot of money as a trainer. >> brian: union pacific, they operate the premiere railroad franchise. >> they've got 3500 to 4,000 jobs for the year. they mainly operate in the
4:47 am
western part of the united states. they really cover two-thirds of the united states, western union does. -- union pacific does. excuse me. they need electrician, mechanic, conductors, engineers, people this can do i.t., track equipment maintenance, benefits, benefits are good with this company. you can make more than $100,000 a year, depending on the type of job that you apply for and get. >> brian: smart tax? >> same thing. 'tis the season for tax. this is going to be one of the most challenging tax filing years in the history of this nation. mark my words. and they need people. they've got 100 extra jobs now. these are immediate. so if you're going to take these jobs, do it this week. they've got five locations. they're expanding. they'll be franchises across the country, more and more americans are realizing i cannot handle my taxes alone. it's too confusing. the tax code is worse, not better. therefore, if you want to be part of smart tax, great position for you. >> brian: allied barton security services. >> personal security. they've got at least 100 jobs over the next few months.
4:48 am
excuse me, 100 jobs over the next few months. they like to hire veterans. personal security, this is i.t. this is security for the home. crime rates go up during the recession we saw crime rates go up. people want to be more secure, whether this is a personal security guard, you are someone that's wealthy, celebrities, things like that. or if you want to work ask help mom and dad protect their home. >> brian: the one. >> 81 positions open. at least. they're probably going to hire more. endoscopic spine surgery. they've got four surgical centers, tampa, scottsdale, philadelphia, oklahoma city, and this is again, a new breakthrough. instead of having the full open neck surgery and back surge, endoscopic surgery, the technology is better, but you got to have the skill set. they need people to do marketing, customer service, and i.t. they've been expanding over the last couple of years and it looks like 2013 will be another
4:49 am
expansion year. >> brian: a lot of great jobs. these top five companies hiring. where can we find more? >> casoneexchange. i put the web sites up where you can directly go to apply fort jobs and get more information. the link is casoneexchange. >> brian: ff job hunt. thanks so much. >> you bet. >> brian: meanwhile, 12 minutes before the top of the hour. next, the new face of classic rock. ♪ two cellos here live to perform. how do i know? who else would be waving? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo!
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>> gretchen: that's the way to play the cello, right? there is only one way to play rock'n'roll. the two cellos are out to prove everyone wrong. they tackle everything from ac/dc to elton john. >> steve: right now let's welcome our buddyies, stefan and lieu coo. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: when you guys were younger, you were actual cello rivals, is that right? you hated each other's guts? >> well, he was like -- i was way better than him. [ laughter ] >> brian: were you way better than him? >> he couldn't beat me, so he joined me. >> gretchen: i get it. you guys are a good team. >> brian: do you like this brand of music? do you prefer classical? do you like the transition? >> we love everything. we are young. we like to rock, but we also love classical music, which we grew up with.
4:54 am
>> gretchen: so you're classically trained. you were discovered on youtube, right? >> yes. >> steve: michael jackson record. >> yes. >> gretchen: what i love that you show rock attitude when you play. sometimes people think people playing the cello is just serious and boring, right? not with you guys. >> steve: what are you playing today? >> "highway to hell". >> gretchen: all right! ♪ ♪ ♪
4:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:57 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: wow! >> steve: very nice! more kids would play stringed instruments if they could do that in school. >> gretchen: as my son would say, that was sick! that was amazing. i love it. >> steve: their new album is available everywhere, right? >> everywhere. >> brian: if everyone buys it, you can get real cellos, because these have no bodies. they need some help. >> gretchen: you are fantastic. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up, forget everything you heard about the food. why healthy things like asparagus and oatmeal are really devils in disguise. we'll reveal it coming up.
4:58 am
you you you you so, we all set?
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>> gretchen: all right. good morning, everybody. i hope you're gonna have a great day. it's tuesday, january 22, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us. he tricked the terrorists. he escaped alive. that guy in the picture there, colorado man survived the algerian hostage crisis by hiding for 2 1/2 days. you're going to hear his incredible story. how he texted his wife during the whole thing. >> steve: the president offering a a way forward for the united states. and it starts with a gigantic left turn. >> we resolve that a great nation must care for the vulnerable and protect its people from life's worst hazards and misfortunes. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> steve: is our president changing we the people to we the government? we are going to report and you are going to decide. that's how it works here.
5:02 am
>> brian: nice hit on mitt romney there. it's the wrestling move no one saw coming. the story behind that shocking video coming your way. and how that wrestler is doing today. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: the kid is lucky he hit him squarely. if one of the sharp edges would have hit him, that would cost have cut him. >> brian: it could have hit both of them. >> gretchen: that could have killed him. that could have killed him. >> steve: he was probably tensing 'cause he was ready for the take down for the guy behind him. we'll tell you everything we know about that in a minute. right now we've got some headlines. >> gretchen: so we now know that there were three americans, unfortunately, who died in the deadly hostage crisis in algeria, gordon rowan and two others. seven americans did survive.
5:03 am
one man from colorado managed to hide from the terrorists for 2 1/2 days. at times the terrorists feet away. texted his wife about halves going on. she had to wait for his words that he was actually okay. >> she didn't know what was wrong with him or where he was and hadn't heard anything except that he was either captured, murdered or he was hiding out someplace. so we just prayed. >> i mean, it's hard when you got a loved one that's over in a different country and all that stuff happening. it's hard. >> gretchen: some of the weapons used in that attack in algeria apparently stolen from the libyan stockpiles. terrifying moments for peenges southwest flight at denver airport. you're being to take off, fire warning light comes on, plane barreling down the runway. the pilot slams on the brakes, blowing out three tires. >> it was a little scary, 'cause we were just p to take off and then it just slammed.
5:04 am
it was a big jolt when we were in the air and starting to lift. then had to get back down. >> gretchen: 137 passengers, five crew members on board. they were not hurt. right now mechanics are trying to pig out why exactly that light came on. voters across israel heading to the polls. we're hearing turnout is very heavy so far. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu expected to win reelection there. he cast his ballot earlier this morning. netanyahu promising voters he's going to keep israel safe and he's also going to build those jewish settlements despite some international opposition and controversy about that. it's a move that this high school wrestler, you just saw it, never saw coming. a light fixture falls on him during a meet in wisconsin. he had just gotten into position when it happened. luckily, guess what? he only needed a few stitches after that. he could have been killed.
5:05 am
no word on what caused that light to fall. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: what a take down. >> brian: all right. >> steve: that's the light above us. it's been hang for ten years. >> gretchen: it's right above me. >> brian: keep checking it. look up. make sure everything is going to be all right. president obama gets to work this morning on his second term after a day full of convenience for his inauguration. wendell goler is live at the white house with all the details about the big bashes last night and what's in store today. >> the inaugural committee shrunk the number of balls down from ten to two. so after an address to nearly a million spectators on the mall and a parade to the white house in which they got out of the motorcade a couple of times, got out of the limo a couple times, the president and first lady attended attended the commander in chief's ball and the larger inaugural ball with about 20,000 of their closest friends. mrs. obama wore a red chiffon jason woo dress, the same
5:06 am
designer she wore at her first inaugural. jennifer hudson channeled her best al green and the president sang the words to "let's stay together" which we know he can sing, as he and the first lady danced. some of the tickets, as little as $150 so middle americans could attend. some were free. at the commander in chief's ball, the president praised america's servicemen and women. >> we experienced the manual see of our democracy -- majesty of our democracy, a ritual only possible in a form of government that is of and by and for the people, a day made possible because there are patriots like each and every one of you who defend our freedom every single day. so this little party is just another way to say something we can never say enough. thank you. >> the president said he had no greater honor than serving his
5:07 am
commander as chief. he danced with staff sergeant bria nelson of the air force. mrs. obama danced with timothy easterling of the marines. the service members chosen by senior enlisted members based on combat effort. the president and first lady, vice president biden and his wife, jill, attended a national prayer service at national cathedral. that gets underway a little more than 2 1/2 hours from now. steve, gretchen, brian. >> another busy day. if you missed the speech yesterday, it was 19 minutes long. and just the thumbnail sketch is he said essentially to the left of america, there is a lot of things we'd like to get done. and i've got four more years. we're going to go ahead and do it. it's interesting, though, he didn't really talk about unifying the country after a bruising campaign, but instead, it was directed mainly at the left. jennifer ruben at the "washington post" said, quote, it was the most underwhelming
5:08 am
and unsurprising inaugural address of my lifetime. she says, it sounded like a recycled convention speech. and there were no memorable lines. the best thing about it, she says? it was short. >> brian: chris matthews has a different opinion. he said it was a modern day gettysburg address. i guess it depended where you were sitting. >> gretchen: a lot of people two away two words. collective action. there was a lot made about the two words that the president talked. if you analyzed what that means, maybe you go back in time to when avenues community organizer. this is sort of his philosophy that it takes the government to get people ahead. it's sort of the opposite of maybe what some people would argue president reagan was about. so here is a snippet, a couple different pieces of his speech yesterday from president obama. >> our celebration of a mission, an enterprise, our insistence on hard work and personal responsibility. these are constants in our character. preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires
5:09 am
collective action. we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation this will build its future. together we resolve that a great nation must care for the vulnerable and protect its people from life's worst hazards and misfortune. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> steve: five times during his address, he said we the people. some on the right are saying today, what he was really saying is we, the government. big government on the offing. "new york times" today, the headline, obama offers liberal vision, we must act. it's funny, gretch mentioned ronald reagan, he once famously said the nine most terrifying words in the english language are, i'm from the government and i'm here to ten. essentially that's what the president said yesterday. if you're in the middle class, i'm from the government and i'm here to help you.
5:10 am
>> brian: bill clinton and ronald reagan said the year of big government is over. essentially in different ways. so this is the president. the president said, let's focus on rights. he have talked about seneca falls. selma, referring to the 1965 civil rights movement, and stonewall where the gay rights movement took root in 1965. and also he talked about we're focusing again on the environment. i guess green technology. what he says is climate change, which is interesting because he's talking about gay rights. he probably wouldn't be talk being that if joe biden didn't ram rod him into it on a sunday comment that popped up. and with green technology, that's been a disaster when he ram rodded t the stimulus money. i hardly think it's settled scientific collective thought that the world is a victim of climate change due to centralization. >> gretchen: did he say that it was. he did say that part of the speech, the direct quote was that the science proves. >> brian: but it doesn't. >> gretchen: i'm just saying that's what he says. i was a little surprised that
5:11 am
some of heat political issues came up in the inaugural address. usually you wait to do those in the state of the union, which is just a couple of weeks away. why? because this is a time to sort of uplift america. i think he did accomplish that in certain parts of the speech. but did he also get political in it. by the way, coming up, they're going to get right back to politics because they're going to be talking about the budget and that relationship to whether or not congress should be paid. they're going to get right back down to business. it's not going to be an easy sell for president obama because remember, the house is still controlled by the republicans. >> steve: one of the shots that the president took at the republicans when he referred to the nation of takers. clearly that's a shot at mitt romney. a lot of people feel that would be beneath presidential inaugural speech. john mccain said i've been to seven of these and usually it's all about extending the hand across the aisle. that wasn't in this particular speech. in the "wall street journal" today, they write, we want the
5:12 am
president to succeed because we all succeed as a country if that happens, but the second term breaks down to rancor and gridlock, it's very clear, it will be for republicans, i'm in your face. >> brian: what i did enjoy is seeing his family. he's a great family man, does a great job with the girls. to see their excitement. >> steve: it was a beautiful day for america. that's how it works here. >> gretchen: more people turned out than expected. so that was also an interesting emblematic of the election. >> steve: it's now 11 minutes after the top of the hour. don't pass a budget, don't get paid. that's the message that some lawmakers are proposing in order to get things moving in washington. will that make things budge is this we're going to talk about that next. >> brian: look at this. he's wrestling crocodiles and he's only three years old.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> brian: 1364 days since the senate last passed a budget. now some members of congress are saying enough already and they have a plan. this plan is to force washington to get serious about their fiscal problems. they say if congress does not pass a budget, they're not going to get paid. fox news has just learned from majority leader eric cantor that the house looked at this bill and says, we will vote on this bill tomorrow. dean keller came up with this a year ago. joining us from washington. senator, instead of saying hey, we're not going to lift the debt ceiling, you say, yeah, we will for three months and then go ahead and pass a budget in that time period. is that possible? >> i sure hope so. obviously that's the goal. that's been my goal for the last
5:17 am
18 months since i've been in the senate. obviously to push the senate to do something. as you mentioned, we haven't had a budget for almost four years. washington, d.c i think we can agree on one thing, that the worst run institution in america right now is the united states congress. we need to do something different. >> brian: so to do that, you got to get to some control over your own colleagues and to do that, hold on to their paycheck. republicans like darrell issa say i think that's unconstitutional. >> there is a lot of people in washington, d.c. that obviously don't want to cut their pay. the purpose of that constitutional amendment was to make sure that members of congress didn't enrich themselves during the legislative session. i'll tell this to darrell issa and nails wants to make this argument. cut your pay and go back to your district and see if your constituents complain. >> brian: darrell issa is a successful businessman. he doesn't need a dollar (he didn't make his riches cutting his pay. >> brian: joe manchin is the only democrat that i can see
5:18 am
that signed on. what do you think on the other side, some people on the left are calling it a gimmick. >> yeah. they're calling it a gimmick. i think leadership in the senate called it stupid. only in washington, d.c. do they call budgeting stupid. that's why we're $16 trillion in the hole right now. everything is done in washington, d.c. by crisis. everything is a crisis. whether it's the debt ceiling, whether it's sequestration, doesn't matter, whatever it is. everything is done by crisis. and we're going to push this forward. there is going to be a vote in the house tomorrow. president has already said if it's in the legislation, he'll sign it. so there is an opportunity. i've talked to joe. joe signed on to this thing and he's promised me that he'll trio get some of his colleagues on his side of the aisle to support the idea. >> brian: senator, i thought what was most encouraging to come out of the sunday shows david plouffe says the president finds it encouraging. so the white house would support a move like this. so instead of saying the debt ceiling is here, we're not going to move.
5:19 am
you're saying we're moving ahead of the crisis. can you get a budget together in three months? is that possible? >> it is. in fact, you're required by law to have it ready by april 1. the bum jet should be completed by april 1. let me take a step further if i may and that is what's the purpose of having a budget committee if they're not budgeting? you we pay that committee $15 million every bienyum to do their budget? why don't we get rid of them if they're not doing their job? we pay them more money than veteran affairs and they don't even do their job. i would be the first to proposal the budget committee if they're not doing their job. >> brian: thanks for shaking up the place. >> thanking for having me on. >> brian: i can't wait to have you in the aftermath. hopefully it will be a big thumbs up. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, he founded the weather underground. the group that bombed the pentagon. perhaps not the best person to deliver a keynote address to
5:20 am
teachers. the details ahead. forget everything you've heard about healthy food. why stuff like asparagus and oatmeal aren't doing you any favors. cue up the susie q's [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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>> brian: quick headlines. it's game over for atari. the u.s. company that brought us pong, filing for bankruptcy. the company is looking for private capital so it can relaunch with a new focus on mobile gaming. and check this out, two brothers stands on the edge of a dam. their fishing boat stalled tepanyaki river.
5:24 am
firefighters used a boat secured to the shore with a rope to save them. now something less perilous. >> gretchen: a fascinating topic. we were always taught foods like samen and oatmeal were good for us, right? our next guest says those foods might be making you gain weight instead of losing it. >> steve: joining us is the author of "the plan." eliminate the foods make you fat. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we've got all this stuff here that a lot of people are having for breakfast, oatmeal, yogurt, at lunch they might, if they're really healthy, have tofu and asparagus and every one of these foods are trigger foods to some people, right? >> actually the foods that we have listed here are trigger foods to a large population of people over the age of 35. just about every food that we have here is 85% reactive, meaning that for 85% of the people we work with, it triggers expo yetial weight gain. >> gretchen: how could that be? greek yogurt has taken off in
5:25 am
this culture that we live in now. everyone thinks it's so healthy. i'm about to have oatmeal at thend of the show. but how do we find out if they're bad for us? >> you might be the 15% that oatmeal works for. in which case i say eat it because it has a lot of health benefits. but if it isn't working for you and you're adding it in, it's actually going to do the opposite of promoting health. >> steve: let's talk about your plan and people who have done it absolutely love your plan. in phase one, do you a three-day cleanse. do you a yeast test, drink half your water in ounce in water, drink candle lion tea, 2,000 calories each day. you don't have to exercise. let's start at the beginning. what's the yeast test? >> what the yeast test is, we find that as we age, we lose digestive enzymes, stomach acid decreases. due to hormonal changes, yeast starts to kick up. when yeast becomes our bulk, we create a lot of carbs. we want to make sure the yeast
5:26 am
is in check. >> steve: how do you figure out what the test is? >> well, it's a fun test. we say that if you drink wine or beer, you have that the night before, you have some dessert, you have some bread and you have some vinegar. what that guess to go do is cause whatever yeast is in your intestines to flair up. the next morning when you wake up, check your tongue. if it's coated white, it means there is a little yeast that needs to be brought into check. >> steve: that's pretty simple. >> gretchen: you do the cleanse and started aing in these foods to find out if they're reactive. let's say die the cleanse and then i have a yogurt and how would i know? >> we wouldn't even let you have yogurt in the beginning because it's that pro-inforeman tri. >> steve: you start small? >> you start with cheese, we start with wine, we start with steak. those are all lower inflammatory foods. that first week what we're trying do is get your immune system to kick in because 70% of your immune system is in your intestines. >> steve: i think it's a great plan to lose weight and a lot of people do. according to an article that i ready, you have 11% body fat. so it actually worked for you.
5:27 am
but i think the larger point is a lot of things we think are good for us are actually making us sick. and we don't even realize it 'cause, time for one of these items, we've had them every day since we were 30. they're make us sick. >> right. people come to me in tear examines say, i don't understand what's going on. i'm eating the healthiest foods. i'm exercising. why do i keep gaining weight each year? why does my health get worse? it's frustrating. >> gretchen: so four, it's eggs. so even as slight as you are, if you eat an egg, what happens? >> if i auto one # 0-calorie egg, i'm going to look six months pregnant. my allergies are going to kick up. i might get a migraine and i'm gog gain a pound from one egg. >> steve: one pound from one egg. >> gretchen: wow. so you god to identify these trigger foods. check out the book called "the plan." eliminate the surprising healthy foods making you fat and lose weight fast. lynn, great to see you. >> great to see you. thank you. >> steve: how about styrofoam? is that good for you?
5:28 am
i think that's all that's left. >> steak and cheese is low inflammatory. >> steve: that's the diet i like. thank you very much. straight ahead, he's the political director at cbs news. so why is he urging the president to destroy the republican party? isn't he supposed to be unbiased? we'll tell you that story next. >> gretchen: apparently cats and dogs are boring. coming up, the three-year-old who is giving crocodile dundee a run for his money. he's wrestling gators. he's only three. right back i have lost 101 lbs on weight watchers onle.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> steve: i love that. it's your shot of the morning. president obama and joe biden bringing sexy back for his
5:33 am
second term. that video going viral. and hats off to whoever looked through all the transcripts and did all that little one syllable editing. that takes a lot of patience and skill. >> gretchen: no kidding. >> brian: or really good computer library. now to your headlines. james taylor says he knows what gun owners want. listen. >> i think the majority of us feel strongly, even the majority of gun owners feel strongly that we need to make some sacrifice to our freedoms if that's the way to put it. >> brian: taylor made the comments after performing at the inauguration. looks like he just gave himself up for an super view. gun rights advocates concerned about the president's proposals on gun control. that will be front and center, i'm sure, over the next couple of months. >> steve: the organization behind the bombings back in the day in new york city, the police department, the capitol building and the pentagon all in the 1970s. but that is not stopping a
5:34 am
national teachers group from hand picking bill ayers to give their keynote speech. the former domestic terrorist will address the association of teacher educators in atlanta next month. he was also involved in a town house bombing in new york city. that left three people dead. the teachers are asking him to come talk to them. >> brian: great. >> gretchen: turns out taking an aspirin a day can be dangerous t. can triple your chances of going blind. people who take aspirin daily are much more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. that's the most common cause of blindness in people over 50. complicated 'cause sometimes they tell you to take aspirin. >> brian: meet the real life crocodile dundee and he's only three. charlie parker is from australia and he likes to wrestle gators for fun. charlie's dad, who owns a zoo, says he didn't go out and encourage this. his son just loves reptiles.
5:35 am
okay. if you own a zoo, that's a unique situation. if your son wants to get in the water and wrestle crocodile, i don't want to tell you thousand raise your kid. i have a sense that he can also play video games when he wants as well. >> steve: sometimes when you see them wrestling gators, you'll see that the mouths have the rubber band around it or the tail. none there. meanwhile, an extreme weather alert for you right now. that's why that animation just came up and the bitter cold snap moving n adding more misery for struggling hurricane sandy victims. many still don't have electricity. >> we have no hot water, no heat, no electricity half the time. the generators are off and on, blowing out electronics in your house and everything. we just totally losing out as tenants. >> steve: no kidding. officials in staten island estimate 1463 people still remain displaced from their homes. maria molina joins us from the weather center.
5:36 am
it doesn't help if you have no electricity and it is like hyped you right now here in the new york city, like 20. >> that's right. very sad, unfortunately across places in the northeast dealing with extreme cold. especially those without power and across places in the midwest. even though we're used to the cold out here, we have seen some delays or school closures across places in minute money. so that's how cold it is out there. some of these current temperatures are just incredible. 28 degrees below zero in international falls. 11 below zero in minneapolis. 8 below zero in green bay. you factor in the wind and it feels even colder. your current wind chill, 25 degrees below zero out there. 29 below zero in fargo. the same goes across places in the northeast where we're seeing wind chill temperatures below zero and places like buffalo, syracuse, harrisburg, pittsburgh, 10 below, detroit, 16 below zero. along i-95, not as bad, but we're still seeing those wind chill temperatures into the single digits in new york city, boston, philadelphia. as that colder air goes over the
5:37 am
great lakes, we actually see lake effect snow. we want to take you thrive cleveland which is one place that we're going to be seeing that lake effect snow. you can also see it covering the roadways. dangerous conditions if you're doing any driving, please be careful. the same goes across places in upstate new york where we do have some wind chill advisories in effect because of how cold it is. we also have wind chill warnings because frostbite and hypothermia become concern when is it gets this cold out and you're really not bundled up properly. >> gretchen: maria, no doubt you mentioned this before, some schools in minnesota even are closed, which never happens, i can attest to that. very dangerous cold temperatures out there. >> steve: let's tell awe story. we oftentimes tell you stories about media bias. do you think had is one, 'cause we do. the guy who is a political director of cbs news, fellow named john dickerson. used to be at time magazine. in addition to his work at cbs, he also is the chief political correspondent for washington, d.c. for slate, which is a very
5:38 am
left leaning blog. just before the president's inauguration, he had this quote regarding what the president should do going forward. >> there is no indication the president clashes with the republicans will end soon. the president who came into office talking about bipartisanship and the cooperation can only cement his legacy, he was good until now. if he destroys the gop. if he wants to transform american politics, he must go for the throat. he uses the word later, pulverize. >> gretchen: yeah. i think there is a huge difference when you're writing commentary about sort of predicting what the president might do rather than giving solid advice directly to him. so that's what people are having a problem with and karl rove is one of them. >> this article should scare anybody who has any doubts whatsoever about the media's impartiality. he is the news director, the political director for cbs news. and he writes a piece in which
5:39 am
he calls for essentially an anti-democratic action. you're right, delegit maze the political opposition. this is a country that deserves and needs to have two great political parties that raid against each other with one in the majority and one with a loyal opposition. but he doesn't believe that. he believes obama ought to delegitimateize. this is one thing if he says this is what i think the strategy is, but this is his advice to the president. >> gretchen: interestingly enough, and curiously, he's blaming all the problems in washington, d.c. on the republican party? if you think about it, you got the do nothing democrats in the senate. they haven't passed a budget in three years. you got the republicans actually have done something. tomorrow they're going to vote on extending the debt limit for three months. no fight there. they just voted on raising taxes on the wealthy. that's something they said they wouldn't do. they did something -- >> brian: back again. >> steve: it's kind of crazy. >> brian: and he sits there on
5:40 am
sundays with bob schieffer to do a watchdog look at the panel and he does an overview every weekend. it's kind of bizarre how he'll take that seat again. just to update you, steve joins me on radio thursday. to update you on what's happening with the fox news talk radio network, february 14, we understand, is the last time, the last day you'll be hear to hear fox news talk on sirius 126. our contract reportedly ends and it does end at that time. they don't seem interested in continuing to carry our programming. the fox news channel xm sirius 114 that contract is coming up for negotiation later in the year. there is no guarantee of the audio of fox news channel will continue to be on sirius xm either. a lot of you only have sirius radio because i think fox is the number one thing on sirius and fox news talk as well, outside howard step, so they're still going to let this go.
5:41 am
they're going to charge you the exact same. so go to their facebook page. facebook/sirius xm and let them know, or give them a call and let them know how you feel. >> gretchen: this is for your radio show and also fox news channel 'cause a lot of people are driving as they're watching our show or not watching, but listening to our show. >> brian: i do all weekend. >> gretchen: so you're saying that that also is going to go away? >> brian: that's up in august. there is no indication they're going to deal with that any different than they're dealing with fox news talk now. it's extremely, in my words, disrespectful. >> steve: we got to turn it around, go to their facebook page. >> gretchen: it's one of the most incredible videos you'll see all day. dolphin in trouble swims up to a group of divers for help. >> steve: just like flipper. and she's quickly becoming the queen of country music. miranda lambert joins us live. twins. i didn't see them coming.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
>> brian: headlines. she is no match for police because she was going about 5 miles per hour on a scooter from a grocery store. she stole it. she drove two miles before being busted. she told cops her feet hurt. she didn't like walking. we'll follow this story if we can catch up with it. ten hours earlier, nick class was released from jail for another theft. a dolphin went to scuba divers and waits as one tries to free a fishing line stuck in its side. after four minute, the diver frees him from the line. unfortunately, he couldn't free the hook. we're looking to track down the dolphin as well. in the meantime, i'll talk to stevement no, you listen. >> steve: thank you, brian. in his inaugural address yesterday at noon, president obama started out his second term much like he finished his first, taking a shot at republicans and those who disagree with him.
5:46 am
>> the patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few or the rule of a mob. for now decisions are upon us and we can not afford delay. we can not mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name calling as reasoned debate. >> steve: so will this set the tone for the next four years? peter johnson, jr., 24 hours ago issues we were sit nearing the studio and you were hopeful that the president of the united states would extend the hand -- >> i believe that he would. in fact, a couple people e-mailed me. one woman said i was delusional in that prospect. so what we heard was a hard left manifesto from the president of the united states yesterday at the inauguration. it was not so much about populism as it was about pandering. taas bizarre, disregarded
5:47 am
priority of what our national interests were. where was the debt? where was the deficit in where was the unemployment? where was the issue of poverty in america, which has increased under his watch? where is the hopelessness? where is the fear that so many americans have that they're going to lose their house? where are the solutions for those problems? instead, we got this catalog of false premises, phantom arguments in terms of civil rights, in terms of global warming, in terms of long lines at the polls. so if i'm voting for the president in this past election and i'm a moderate democrat and a centrist democrat as i am, and i hear this yesterday, i say, is this president in touch with the realities of america or is this more about saying, my hand is on president lincoln and martin luther king's bible. this stack of bibles. i will make my statement about what i believe and look out on
5:48 am
this millions of people, this throng and remember this forever. it's not about remembering this forever. it's about what we're going to do to make our country safe over the next four years. and then to say, well, you know, we can't be in a perpetual state of war. it says to me that there is a lack of understanding about the great terroristic threat that we face in this united states. and to say, well, that's the old way in america. it was disconcerting to say the least. >> steve: sure. it was very clear he was going to push his very left agenda. but you know what? there is some on the right who say that this could backfire on him because if you remember in 2009, he took office. he's a democrat. he had the white house. they had the senate and the house as well. they pushed through the stimulus and pushed through health care using a nuclear option and what happened in the mid terms? the democrats got shellacked. >> i believe this sets up the president, unfortunately, for
5:49 am
our country for a backlash. when people and what he said and how he said it yesterday, they say, is this the country that we want going forward? has he captured the democratic party in a way that's bad for our national interests or has he been captured by the leftist elements of the democratic party in a way that's bad for our national interest? this sets autopsy whole backlash that i don't think we understand at this point. we wish him well, obviously. he's our president. but i was very surprised about what i heard yesterday. >> steve: you're not the only one. peter johnson, jr., thank you. >> okay. >> steve: straight ahead, are you wondering whether or not you have a strong case to sue? write to peter johnson, jr. at e-mailpeter at he's gog answer your questions later in the week. >> so sue me. we're going to talk about it. if you're being sued or you think someone is going to sue you or if you want to sue somebody, send it to me. we're going to talk about it on the air. >> steve: are you going to be wearing those glasses? >> i don't know. i want a better picture. it's from 1987.
5:50 am
>> steve: very nice. peter, thank you. straight ahead, she's a grammy winning country star who we love. ♪ miranda lambert is here with a brand-new gig and it has nothing to do with music. let's check in with martha. look, you're back here in the big town. >> i'm back. hello there. good morning, steve. we're looking forward to miranda lambert as well and up here, tax reality is setting in, folks. people are figuring out that they have to pay more out of their take home pay. one of them is one of the world's top golfers. he's speaking out. preparations are underway for hillary clinton to finally speak about what happened in benghazi and life on mars, what they just found. bill and i see you at the top of the hour. opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪
5:51 am
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5:54 am
♪ . >> gretchen: she's quickly becoming the queen of country music. in just the last ten years, miranda lambert has gone from reality show star to one of the biggest name in the music business. and she joins me live from los angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: we were just showing that video of -- was that danica patrick you're driving with? >> it is. >> gretchen: that's pretty cool. i know you started out in nashville star, reality show. the ten years have been quite a change. now you're married to blake shelton i. know you say it's nice to be married to somebody in the business. why? >> you know, i think when you're married to someone in the
5:55 am
business, they really just kind of get it. there is no questions about your schedule and what's going on. it's kind of easy, you know. there is hardship, of course, being part. but we get each other a lot. it works. >> gretchen: and so many of your fans love the fact that the two of you are together. you are also touring right now with dierks bentley. how did that come about? did you approach him about this? >> we've actual lea been on tour together two other times. we just really fit together. we kind of have the same fan base and the same type of music and we love, like, for the whole tour to feel like a big old party and one big happy family. so when it came time to figure out what we were going to do in 2013, it felt right to go back out with dishes because the other times we toured, it really worked out. it is a happy family. we've got kids and dogs, he
5:56 am
brings his girls out. we got dogs on tour, which is why i'm here today, to talk about the doggies. i'm here today to announce, i'm really excited because this is my first interview of the day. i could talk about the new partnership i have with pedigree. we're helping pedigree kick off a national campaign to search for the next community that can benefit from the search to help with the feeding project, which pedigree is doing. they're going to give a shelter their core food needs for shelters at no cost. so we need your help to find the next shelter that can benefit from this project. it's really awesome when you gave shelter food, they can spend that money that they were spending on food for spay and newter clinics and adoption drives. this is a cool thing that we're kick off. i'm so proud to be part of it. >> gretchen: i know you obviously love dogs. we're showing you this picture of you with your pups in the back seat of a chevy truck. and one of the things you said
5:57 am
is, i haven't had kids yet because i have all my dogs. what makes you as much a dog lover? >> you know, i grew up with dogs and we lived in the country, so we always had people dumping them on us. i grew up kind of rescuing dogs. that's kind my mission. i have a foundation. that's what i feel like in my heart is what my mission is here to do besides being an artist. so when i heard about this pedigree thing, it was amazing opportunity for me. it was such a great match. i'm really happy because i feel like this is going to draw to say shelters all across the country. >> gretchen: we're doing our help with you and so they can learn more, our web site will link it to your pedigree web site. so great to see you. continued success to you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away. ♪
5:58 am
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